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Alcohol Awareness Workshops  

revYve deliver Alcohol Awareness Workshops in schools, to staff in the workplace and
members of the general public.

Alcohol Awareness in Schools

Recent figures produced by the NHS information centre found that in 2006 15% of children aged between 11-15 years thought it was okay to get drunk and this increased to 30% aged 15 years. revYve Alcohol Awareness Workshops in schools aim to promote a sensible attitude to alcohol use.

The revYve workshops can be structured in a variety of ways to suit your PSHE requirements, for example 2 x 2.5 hour sixth-form workshops, or 5 x 1-hour workshops with Year 9 groups. We tailor the content to the age specific needs of the pupils working with Year 9 and upwards in groups of approximately 20.

As educators you will be aware that generally young people learn best and retain this learning when they actively participate in the process. revYve workshops are dynamically interactive, providing much food for thought after the event is over. Research shows that young people are more influenced by their peer’s attitudes than by adult instruction.

However, adult role models, (especially with the younger pupils), can also be key in reinforcing constructive attitudes. revYve also run Alcohol Workshops for parents to dispel some of the myths and confusions around alcohol use - thus supporting parents to support their children.

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