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Alcohol Awareness Workshops  

revYve deliver Alcohol Awareness Workshops in schools, to staff in the workplace and
members of the general public.

Companies Alcohol Awareness Workshops

Alcohol Awareness Workshops can be run over one or two days – they are tailored to suit your budget and organisations’ needs. The cost to the nation of lost working days – 17 million! – through over indulgence, is estimated to be £6.4 billion a year. This may be a ‘duvet day’ or someone having been seriously injured as a result of an alcohol related accident.

As a business you will be keenly aware of this and your legal responsibility for duty of care to your staff. revYve will assist you to fulfil these requirements freeing your time to concentrate on growing your business.

revYve workshops provide vital health information, dispelling myths and confusions around alcohol. This knowledge allows people to make a more informed choice about their own alcohol use.

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